know what this is like. I was previously living as a “couch potato” and felt like a “beached whale.” Bit by bit, I realized that enough is enough. I was living a lie. I was saying, “Do as I say, not as I do. Saying, go be healthy, while I am doing nothing or the minimal steps of being healthy myself. I had to get to the point where I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. Once I got to that point I started to focus on, “Hey maybe I need to go and work out again.” I started thinking in my mind what WOULD motivate me. The primary reason keeping me from working out were: One, I knew I was going to have to go through that soreness, that pain of getting back in the gym, knocking the rust off and feeling bad for 2-3 weeks. I also knew as I was becoming older, the time for recovery required longer than when I was in my 20s. All of this was coming to a head and I just knew the time was coming. I still needed that trigger point. The trigger mechanism that would keep me motivated and create a FUN cause bigger than me. I had to have a cause and mission that would have impact and keep me going, when I was unwilling to push forward. I knew I had to be highly motivated and vigilant for me to push forward. Otherwise it was going to be noise for me.

All my life I have never enjoyed working out. I have worked out different times in my life. Being a military sergeant in the US Army, PT (physical training) was an everyday thing. I think some of my mindset has been tainted, because I had to do it and I was forced to do it in the military. I always found ways to be active. I played a lot of basketball, I love playing football, golf and a few other sports. I was exercising while doing those sports and enjoyed playing them.

I had the perception of working out as, “Having no fun.” To me it was a regimen and there was no fun about it. I have always liked how I felt afterword and I liked the results. I just never cared for the process. All of this clutter in my thinking was clouding my mindset. It was keeping me from going into the gym and saying, “Hey, let’s go do this!”

I have always been the one who has to have a plan and to know how I am going to execute. When I fail to have this clarity, then I am unwilling to do it. The other major factor for me, I have to have FUN doing it and enjoy the process.

I have found that most people keep from doing things because it becomes drudgery versus being fun. When there is drudgery there is a mindset of “I will put it off. “Even though I know I need to do this I am going to wait.” Unfortunately by waiting, it becomes a negative most of the time.

I started realizing that if I am failing to move forward in my life, how am I able to help others? How do I do it in a positive way and be able to have fun doing it?

I knew subconsciously I was living a lie. Saying, “Go do as I say not as I do.” One thing about me is this, I choose to be authentic and here is who I am and whether you like it, here is who I am. I got to a point in my mind where here is who I am and here is who I am failing to be.

In my experience, to have sustainability I had to be completely authentic. I understood if I was going to have impact and positive change in a lot of people I had to make some significant changes in my life.

The turning point…

I had to finally be to the point where I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. had a realization that I was hurting myself and other people because I am failing to choose to be my best. I am living a lie in some ways and I am doing a dis-service to people around me and to people whom I am able to have positive impact with. I had to come to that realization. I experienced the dynamics of feeling bad, spiritually being down, mentally being down, and physically being down. I knew I was coming to the point where I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I had to hit rock bottom in certain aspects and for me to invoke the necessary change.

I was challenged by my lovely wife and my dear friend and mentor Coach Dale Brown to start working out. Since the day Coach showed me where I stood, I went on and completed 610 straight days of at least an hour work out and a minimum of 2 miles per day. I then extended the 2 mile streak to 1026 consecutive days. I am faster, stronger and am in my best shape of my entire life, including my days in the US Army! If I am able to do this in my early fifty’s, then anyone is able to be healthy and in much better shape than they are currently!

What is your 90 Day goal? Is it to lose 10 pounds? Is it to move faster on a 5k or a 100 meters or whatever it may be. It makes no difference what it is or how crazy it may be, if you believe it’s something that is important to you, then choose to do so.

If it is something that’s way out there, then set intermediate goals on what you are able to do right now and what habits do you need to focus on stopping, and what habits do you need to possibly create. Over the 90-day period you are able to do that by simply staying the course, and by staying focused on your 90-day challenge goal. As Coach Dale Brown said, “In order to have a strong body, strong mind and strong spirit, you have to have a strong body, you have to have a strong mind, you have to have a strong spirit and they all go hand-in-hand.” you desire to be around other like-minded people? I encourage this. Our community provides building quality relationships and creating memorable experiences.. Spiritually, having that faith on how you are going to achieve it. You may not know how you are going to do it at times or how you are going to work through some of the struggles and challenges you may face. Just stay the course!

We have a platform, combining the right products, programs and support, for lasting personal transformation. All we need is YOU!


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