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Everything in the world is passed down. Every piece of knowledge is something that has been shared by someone else. If you understand it as I do, mentoring becomes your true legacy. It is the greatest inheritance you can give to others. It is why you get up everyday: to teach and be taught.” – Coach John Wooden

Everything you say… Every thought you entertain… Everything you do creates a direction, which serves as an advance or retreat, in respect to your pursuit of excellence and in fulfilling your goals, dreams and aspirations. Having a dream is what keeps you overcoming challenges and pursuing the goals and aspirations which creates a life worth living. It is a matter of identifying what you are truly passionate about and choosing to achieve or have them.

Today’s highly competitive world means an education that prepares students for life success is more important than ever. Education must help learners develop the skills required to be highly productive. By providing programs relevant to today’s fast paced working world, along with resources to uncover new opportunities. BeachLifestyle stands ready to help you solidify your long-term success in life.

BeachLifestyle University unites experts and leaders in the areas of Life, Health and Prosperity. They have a passion for our cause and a desire to positively teach others to transform their lives!

Life. BeachLifestyle University focuses on how to enrich our “Beach Buddies” quality of Life through self development, a positive environment, new experiences and providing contribution into the world. BeachLifestyle educates the community on how to have and enjoy a better Life, designed to fill photo albums and create, lasting life experiences and memories.

Health. In the pursuit of positively impacting Health, the BeachLifestyle community is empowered, with health and wellness education. The education is designed to empower our community and those our community cares about most.

Prosperity. BeachLifestyle promotes Prosperity, by extending, teaching, coaching and mentoring functional business and financial practices, fundamental laws and principles, education, resources, opportunities and systems.

Entrepreneurship. BeachLifestyle also promotes and teaches entrepreneurship. Whether you are looking to become an entrepreneur and small business owner, are currently an entrepreneur BeachLifestyle has the resources to assist you in reinvigorating the entrepreneurial spirit within us all.

BeachLifestyle recognizes entrepreneurs are critical to the long-term health and prosperity of the global economy. BeachLifestyle works to advance entrepreneurship education and training efforts. We understand entrepreneurs are able to increase their chances of success with practical education and training. Innovation is key to entrepreneurial growth and strong ecosystems foster successful entrepreneurs.

BeachLifestyle teaches and supports entrepreneurs and provides the keys to reclaim their personal potential and power. BeachLifestyle ‘like minded’ Playful & Powerful Warriors are able to pursue their passion and be a part of a magnificent community, dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs in where they choose to be and live life.

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