Success is peace of mind that can be obtained from the self-satisfaction of knowing that I have made the effort to do the very best, of which I am capable. — Coach John Wooden Success Breeds Success.  Are YOU ready to elevate your success and prosperity?  G is challenging YOU! G knows first hand [...]

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got goals?

got goals? Do YOU Have BIG, BIG Goals, Dreams, and Aspirations? got goals?  When the mind of a Warrior is ready to conceive and believe, he is able to achieve. The starting point for all achievement is desire. Focus on whatever you choose to have in life—your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Strong desires are [...]

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WARRIOR ACTION STEPS: Part #1 PLACE GOD FIRST If they obey and serve Him, they will spend the rest of their days in prosperity and their years in contentment. -Job 36:11 1. Accept that you are God's ultimate creation. Say to yourself, "I am God's ultimate creation!" 2. Because you are in God's image [...]

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The Playful & Powerful Warrior Within YOU!

The Playful & Powerful Warrior Within YOU! In G’s book you will learn to reclaim your personal power and be the playful and powerful Warrior you are. You are closer to realizing and having all of your goals, dreams and aspirations. Find the love, peace, playfulness and power inside of you, to live a [...]

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