Mission G is the original creation of successful entrepreneur, author and former US Army soldier GJ Reynolds. He had a desire to give back from the fruits of his labor. GJ had a personal interest in organizations of giving and ones that some of his personal business associates were involved with and occasionally supported them. He has always had a fondness to give back and support former military veterans whom have served. His goal has been to assist and teach veterans to become prosperous in the civilian world. GJ has also had a special incentive to stop obesity, specifically with children. Because it has become a global epidemic, he decided to start supporting various charities that assisted in this cause.

One challenge GJ found, there were so many opportunities and foundations to give to. He also realized that some are on the up and up, while others suck up most of the donated money. He desired to be able to give to organizations where the one’s in need received the majority of actual support. His lifelong friend and mentor, Coach Dale Brown shared with him that an authentic charitable organization is able to fully provide actual benefit, with good leadership and management. With this guidance and commitment, GJ started his mission of giving…

A Culture of Giving

GJ and his wife Alita, decided to create something much bigger than themselves and starting the Mission G crusade.  It focuses on uniting talented and passionate leaders around a worth while cause of enriching people’s lives. “We choose to surround ourselves with ‘like minded’ people. People who choose to operate at a high performance level and have a desire to give back to others.  The charities and organizations Mission G associates with, are great examples of authentically operating to assist the end user, to receive the majority of the giving. Our goal is to create social innovation and movement, and to invoke positive global change. We challenge people to rise above the daily noise and to do their part in empowering themselves and others. It is Mission G’s goal to challenge, educate, inspire and to positively impact one billion lives globally. March to a Billion (M2B)!”

How does Mission G expect to reach this goal?

We are selective in identifying our prospective alliances and joint ventures. It is critical we associate ourselves professionally and individually, with others that share our values and objectives. Integrity, accomplishment and a general sense of joy is what we demonstrate, to reach our goals. Mission G has alliances with supported organizations and corporate alliances. Together they provide solutions, for expanding human potential, maintaining optimal health, while teaching empowering financial freedom, and entrepreneurial skills to those who seek it.

Our Intention

Mission G is intentional in working with purpose, on purpose, and for purpose, to assist others to transform their life, health and prosperity. Mission G focuses on: Assisting Community Based Organizations, Education, Training and Collaboration Opportunities Fund Raising Opportunities Providing Funding to Associated Charities Assist underprivileged children with education, health and in being fed. Assist former military personnel with the transition from active duty to being productive as a civilian, via entrepreneurism. Educating and Assistance on eliminating Global poverty via Entrepreneur Education and Training Disaster Relief.

Mission G is part of something much bigger than our selves. That’s why “giving back” is at the heart of everything we do. Whether we are offering education, nutritious food, a helping hand or a moment of hope, Mission G’s culture of giving combines a passion for people with programs helping to fulfill our vision for a healthier and more empowered planet, with all those who share it.


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