Simply G Media Network CEO and Entrepreneur GJ Reynolds Shares His Story On The Keeping It Real With Charmaine Langford Show on BlogTalk Radio.

Charmaine Langford interviewed entrepreneur and Simply G Media Network CEO GJ Reynolds to find out about his life, career and business, on Keeping It Real With Charmaine Show.

GJ talked about his childhood on Charmaines show. I was born in Manhattan Kansas. I lived most of my childhood in Baton Rouge LA. There, I meet the legendary Coach Dale Brown. I met him when he first got the job at LSU. I have been able to maintain relationship ever since. He mentors me, coaches me and is one of my dearest friends. I am fortunate to have such a blessed relationship with Coach.

GJ continued to discuss his life on her show. My folks moved back to Kansas when I was a teenager. After high school and junior college I entered the US Army for 5 years. Upon completing my service I worked for four telecom companies. The four companies kept being bought out and/or merged together. Every time I turned around, someone was being layed off. I knew one day this would be me. All of my time was essentially with one company and I was there for 5 years. The small company I started with became what is now known as Verizon. Since leaving Verizon, I have been an entrepreneur for the past 24 years.

GJ provided tips for Charmaines listeners if they wanted to start a business. There are so many opportunities to become an entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs initially see a problem or challenge and they find a solution. The solution many times leads to the business. I became an entrepreneur by choosing to have more control over my career and having the ability to ‘be all I could be’, just like the old US Army slogan. You have to be clear about willing to do the work. It will require a lot of the work and time. It all rests on you. If you are unable to do everything, you need to surround yourself right people. If you got the right people to coach and mentor you can be a success.

GJ talked about the book he wrote. I wrote a book The Playful and Powerful Warrior Within You!, which is really about becoming right within. I have had some ups as entrepreneur. In 2001, I was in depression and I became suicidal. I fell down. God grabbed a hold of me and built me back up. Since then, I have never stopped giving up on my personal mission and goals.

GJ described the reasons he became depressed and suicidal. Well I think for anyone and I have had hundreds of dialogues with both current and former depressed and suicidal individuals. I think typically there is a progression. It took a period of time for me. I have always been the type that places all my energy into my career and company. One person became greedy, and he took on the regulators. Obviously they startled the company and it finally went out of business. Afterwards, I failed to get anything going. At the time, I was 40 years old. How did I get there? I started thinking more about what I had not done then what I had accomplished. I focused on the negative and became ‘victim conscious’. I also struggled to lower my overhead. I was flat broke. I was sitting on the floor one day and thought, today is the day they will shut off my electricity? I was in such a negative state. On that day I said “I am done.” Thank goodness I had kids and God finally got a hold of me. I now live a very blessed life.

GJ talked about his personal transformation. I lost 40 pounds. I was over 200 pounds and one percentage point away from being considered obese. I was broken mentally, physically, and I put on weight from eating for comfort. I used food as my comfort support system. I definitely was challenged.

GJ talked about how people challenged him to get in shape. My wife Alita and Coach Dale Brown challenged me a second time to the Dale Brown Challenge. I was at a point of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. Coach and I agreed to workout for an hour a day and complete two miles a day. I did it for year. Then I completed a total of 610 days straight. Then I kept completing two miles per day and going 1026 days straight. Which ended a few weeks ago. I am now on my Vi Project 10 Challenge and having fantastic success. The ViSalus products have allowed me to stay the course, be healthy and achieve my Project 10 Challenge goals. I am now able to run in excess of 20mph. I am pretty excited about this, and I am in my early fifties!”

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GJ Reynolds is a former US Army Sergeant and an original founding member of ViSalus and is now a 5-Star Ambassador, Vi Millionaire with ViSalus, and CEO of Simply G Media. He has written a book titled The Playful and Powerful Warrior Within You! and holds the distinction of completing the Dale Brown Challenge by working out for over 1000 days straight. Reynolds is active on the Project 10 Challenge and is having continued success. He is also ranked in the top ten percent of people in social media.

Simply G Media Network was founded in 2012 with headquarters in Las Vegas, NV, Lincoln, NE, and Pittsburgh, PA. Simply G Media Network has a syndication of 100 plus stations and countries. Syndication is on both terrestrial and internet based stations. Simply G Media Network also has its very own call sign, WSG-DB (Simply G Digital Broadcast) and has a rapidly growing global listening audience of several million listeners. Our press releases have an average of 10,000 readers per week, 600 to 700 individual media outlets pick up our press releases (such as all ABC, NBC, FOX, all major newspapers, and blogs) per week, with an average of 260,000 impressions per week. Via our social media following (over 500k fans/followers and growing), Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn. Simply G averages 350 Million impressions per month and growing.