I Am A Courageous, Playful and Powerful Warrior.

I choose to build constant trustworthy win-win relationships with my family, friends, and business associates. I choose to be a change agent, communicator and inspiring catalyst in all that I do.  I choose to balance my career, family, and friends as best I am able to, since all are important to me. Above all, I place God first.

It is important for me to associate myself professionally and individually with others who share my core values and objectives. With the help of ‘like-minded’ associates, together we are all able to achieve our goals, dreams and aspirations.

I choose to positively influence the present and future developments that God has chosen for myself, family, associates and the organizations I am associated with. I choose to lead by example. I choose action to assist others to learn, to grow beyond their current bounds, and for them to be the best they are. I choose to always be a TEAM player and to do whatever is best for the TEAM, while honoring myself.

My resources are tools to accomplish positive results and invoke positive results. I choose financial independence and to live and be debt free. I choose to spend less than I earn and regularly save or invest part of what I have. I give to causes I am passionate for.

I choose to start with the end in mind and have a personal direction to guide all of my activities. Beginning with the end in mind, I am choosing direction of my own life and providing meaning to the actions I choose every day.

I choose to create a life of self-fullness and to live with purpose, on purpose and for God’s purpose!

To always remember I control three things:

My Thoughts.

My Words

My Actions. 


Mission, Vision and Cause!