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Neil Haley, the Total Tutor host of the Simply G Radio Show, interviewed  GJ Reynolds to find out about what is branding, how am I a brand, and how do I create the best brand.

GJ Reynolds explained why everyone is now a brand, on the show. “Everyone is now a brand. What has happened now, anyone is able to place themselves on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, etc. This immediately turns them into a public figure and in many cases a brand. I am a brand. The day I realized I am a brand is the day I shifted to align who I am and what I represent both personally and in my business. I turned this into one thought, one path and one brand. My company and myself are pretty much one of the same when it comes down to the core values. Yes, I am a brand.”

GJ provided some first steps in brand development. “Here is what I learned, When you know where they are going in your business, you are more likely to arrive there. First, you have to have a mission. What is the mission? What are the steps based on the goals and resources you have? Does your brand represent your mission or does your mission represent your brand? You need to both be congruent with one another.”

GJ discussed being clear about the brand’s mission. He explained the importance of determining what the steps are in achieving the brand’s mission. GJ shared, “Here is where I am, here is what I have to do, here is what I have to do to accomplish the mission. I learned from Darren Hardy, Publisher of Success Magazine, you have to have clear vital functions to move towards your one big goal and mission. This is a key aspect of how to develop a successful business and successful brand.”

GJ described a brand develops over time. “It requires both persistence and consistency. I have found it imperative to live and honor your personal brand to attract the right people and to keep it simple.”