Project Description

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Neil Haley, the Total Tutor host of the Simply G Radio Show, interviewed Entrepreneur  GJ Reynolds, to find out how to build ‘together trust’.

GJ Reynolds explained there are five essential steps to building trust with others. GJ described the first step, “You have to be competent in what you are doing. I find and hire someone else in areas where I am unable to be great or in being the most competent. When there is competency, trust will begin to grow.”

GJ talked about the second step to build trust: “As we have shared many times on our Simply G radio shows, consistency is key. Consistency is required for success in building a business, going to school, working successfully with someone else, or in having any successful relationship. When one fails to be consistent, there will eventually be struggles. The other key factor in building ‘together trust’, is being accountable. When your teammates say ‘I can always count on you.’ This is a great way to build trust in any relationship. Be competent and do what you say you are going to do. Essentially walk the walk.”

Step three in building trust: it is suggested to place others at the top of your agenda. GJ said, “Their win must bigger than my win to build the strongest trusting relationship. If my win is bigger than their win, it will lead to a shorter relationship with less trust and solidarity.”

Reynolds also talked about step four in the five-step process to building trust. GJ described this by saying. “When you give credit to others, it builds good chemistry amongst the team. Coach John Wooden was very good at giving credit to other people. I met Coach Wooden several times and he was excellent in placing the light on someone else. He was also a good friend and mentor with my coach, mentor and friend, Coach Dale Brown. Dale lives by this action as well and he is always shinning the light away from himself and onto others.”

The last step GJ talked about is focusing on doing the RIGHT things when things go wrong. “Things will go wrong and things are always going to change. You have to be willing to adapt. I also suggest being clear about your mission and vision. It makes it a lot easier to achieve your goals, objectives and to move with the ups and downs. Especially when things go wrong and are a challenge. In the US Army I learned mission first. To be clear about what is the mission and be clear about how to achieve the mission. I have had to make some tough decisions and be adaptable in my twenty plus years as an entrepreneur. Change and being adaptable are essential. Being clear with your team and making sure all parties understand is also essential.”