A Powerful Form of Energy -by: Napoleon Hill

A Powerful Form of Energy -by: Napoleon Hill No one knows what thought is, but every philosopher and every man of scientific ability who has given any study to the subject is in accord with the statement that thought is a powerful form of energy which directs the activities of the human body; that every idea held in the mind [...]

3 Ways to Boost Your Energy!

Chances are, you have a job. Perhaps even a stressful one. Add a family, a personal life and daily errands into the mix and your energy level can quickly become zapped. If you're feeling worn out, tired and exhausted regularly, here are some simple ways you can channel hidden energy you didn't know you had. Spoiler alert: They're not caffeine. [...]

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COUNTDOWN to The March Madness Slam Dunk Challenge

It’s coming and the countdown has started to one of the most epic battles of the century when GJ Reynolds aka "Yoda" faces off against Neil Haley aka the "Giant Warrior", square off in one of the most competitive battles to ever occur on the hardwood. This round ball challenge is where two gifted athletes will test their skills and [...]