Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn for Teens

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn for Teens When I decided to adapt my 2013 book Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn for a teen audience, I was excited about adding ideas and illustrations that teens would relate to. And it was a fun and insightful process. In the book, which releases this week, you can find stories about people [...]

Continue Your Learning Curve By: Jim Rohn

Continue Your Learning Curve By: Jim Rohn   From birth, up until the time we are about eighteen, our learning curve is dramatic, and our capacity to learn during this period is just staggering. We learn a tremendous amount very fast. We learn language, culture, history, science, mathematics... everything! For some people, the accelerated learning process will continue on. But for [...]

Don’t Send Your Ducks to Eagle School-By: Jim Rohn

Don't Send Your Ducks to Eagle School-By: Jim Rohn The first rule of management is this: Don’t send your ducks to eagle school. Why? Because it won’t work. Good people are found, not changed. They can change themselves, but you can’t change them. If you want good people, you have to find them. If you want motivated people, you have [...]

Rohn: 4 Things You Can Learn from Your Child

Rohn: 4 Things You Can Learn from Your Child Refresh your perspective on life and practice being child-like. Remember the master teacher once said 2,000 years ago, “Unless you can become like little children, your chances are zero; you haven’t got a prayer.” This is a major consideration for adults. Be like children, and remember there are four ways to [...]

Knowledge & Practical Experience…

THE KEENEST MINDS ARE THE ONES THAT HAVE BEEN WHETTED BY PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE. Theoretical knowledge without practical experience might be compared to a large mass of undirected energy. Until it is focused, it is difficult to direct the energy to a useful end. Practical experience is the lens through which the energy of knowledge may be focused and directed toward [...]

Specialized Knowledge

During the first World War, a Chicago newspaperman published certain editorials in which, among other statements, Henry Ford was called “an ignorant pacifist.”  Mr. Ford objected to the statements, and brought suit against the paper for libeling him.  When the suit was tried in the courts, the attorneys for the paper pleaded justification, and placed Mr. Ford, himself, on the [...]

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Never Put the HOW Before the WHY!

Let the Story Move You Into Action: People always ask me, "G, how can I build a business like you've got?" A lot of times they don't understand that the "why" is just as important as the "how-to." In this business the "why" is so important because it gives people belief. All it takes is a good success story to [...]

Successful People Choose Time For Reading & Personal Growth!

Successful people choose time for reading and personal growth. "Readers are Leaders." Since successful people all find the time to read and do personal growth, I knew I had to change my habits to add personal development into my daily schedule. The top performers in the world have the strategies and systems that allow them to execute at a much [...]