Tony Robbins On How To Build Momentum For Success

A few days ago we discussed the reason why Tony Robbins believes the rich get richer and poor get poorer. What he did was sketch 4 boxes on a notepad and explained the reasons for why the successful keep having success and the unsuccessful do not. This article is to further discuss his 4 box diagram in order to get a better understanding of how to build momentum for your success. If you haven’t seen the video already, I highly recommend you click on the link above before reading any further.


Build Momentum For Continuous Success

Holy Grail Of Certainty And Momentum


Unlimited Potential

In the video, Tony Robbins states that the potential for any human being is there and that the “market has already proven that”. The problem however resides in the fact that most people already have a predetermined belief about what their true potential is.

They may believe that their true potential is not on the level of greatness or that their ability to succeed is lower than that of someone else, when in fact they are just as capable. The solution is to believe, to truly believe that you’ve got as much potential as someone who’s already been successful.



Taking Action

You must take action! If you have the potential but take no action, you get lousy results. Get your foot out the door and get dirty in the mud, or else all hope is lost. No matter how much potential you have, without action there is no success.

You must believe that you have a lot of potential in order for you to be willing to take a lot of action. A person who already believes they have the skills to be one of the best soccer players in the world will work harder than someone who is already putting limitations on themselves.



Desired Results

If you take little action, you will receive lousy results. Even if you take a lot of action but you don’t believe you have the potential, then your results will simply confirm your beliefs.

In order to get the results you want, you must first believe that you have a lot of potential in order for you to take the massive action required to get the desired results.




Positive Belief

People do not believe in their own potential or the fact that they’ll one day become a success story. Without the belief, people begin to tap into even less potential which causes little action and therefore awful results.

You must ultimately believe from the bottom of your heart, your guts, and your instincts that you have the potential to be as good as anybody else. You must admit to yourself that it is inevitable you will be successful one day. That is the only way to have sustained belief.


You can build momentum for success starting today. Start thinking of periods in your life where you had absolute belief in yourself, things you excelled at, times when you took massive action, and moments when you got the results you so desired. Now combined all those memories in your life and tell yourself that no step is ever impossible to achieve. You’ve been successful before; you sure as hell can do it again!